You may pay by using PayPal or by bank trasnfer.

DEPOSIT:  On or before the signing of the Lease, the Lessee shall pay the Lessor a deposit of 50,000 yen. Alternatively you can also pay just 10,000 yen to reservate the room. The remaing 40,000 yen have to be paid later. However, 10,000 yen of the total deposit amount will be deducted for wear and tear of the Leased Premises and is non-refundable.

BANK TRANSFER:  If you choose "Bank Transfer" as payment method, we will give you further payment information with our reply mail. Your reservation will not be completed until we receive your payment.

  • NOTE 1:  100 yen is roughly equal to US $1.00,
    but the final amount needs to be adjusted with the exchange rate each time.

  • NOTE 2:  When sending us money, any financial institution's service charge must be paid by you.